Shangyu was established in early 2009. At the very end of the economy, Shangyu started from scratch. Most of the hardware equipment in the factory was led by the manager of Shangyu and his next few employees. It was personally done.
      Shangyu mainly produces single-axis and multi-axis precision positioning slides, which are highly valued by customers due to its assembly quality, fine faith in customers, and generous design.


assisted customers in starting OEM, ODM assembly and equipment development.


At the end of 2011, I was able to join the production ranks of Apple's i phone series through a partnership and become a member of Apple's supply chain.


In order to provide a more complete service and a more comfortable environment for customers and employees, the general manager decided to expand the plant in 2012 and increase 1.5T pusher, 2.8T crane, assembled clean room, and traditional processing equipment.


In 2015, we received the development and manufacturing of i pad touch panel tester under the same cooperation model and began to receive large quantities of orders for several consecutive years. With the small scale and resources of our company, it has been able to achieve such good results within just a few years of its establishment, and it has always been a topic of praise and praise in the industry.



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