SBSW65 Series Single Axis Robot (Flat Slides)

Product Features:

A. Diversified products, easy to match, and tailor-made special customized products.
B. Single shaft can be used in any combination for multi-axis, easy to assemble and maintain.
C. Motor connection can be selected according to the use space, motor direct, motor indirect, etc...

Precautions for use:

  • (1) Speed and effective travel
  • 1. Vibration may occur when the effective stroke is too long, and the speed should be reduced.
  • 2. Resonance may occur when the screw speed exceeds the critical speed. The critical speed is related to the length of the screw. Therefore, the critical speed of the ball screw also indirectly determines the effective stroke and total length of the slide module.
  • 3. Acceleration and deceleration will cause the inertia load to be generated. The higher the acceleration and deceleration, the smaller the handling quality; and the excessive acceleration and deceleration will produce a larger impact force, which must be included in the design.
  • (2) Load and installation
  • 1. The maximum handling quality contained in the catalogue is standard. If you have other special load requirements, please contact us.
  • 2. When the screw drive product is used vertically (Z-axis), it is recommended to use a brake device to prevent the item from slipping.
  • 3. If the actual load center of gravity is too large from the load center of the slide table, it may cause excessive torque, vibration or slow response. It is recommended that the actual load center of gravity be used within the specification as much as possible.

Product specifications: